5 Fun Things To Do Next Week

Bored and indecisive? We have you covered.

Posted by The Senior Advocate on Sept. 6, 2019

Board Game Night

Call your friends, bust out the wine and cheese! Board game nights are always a good time. You can hit your local library and find a new and exciting board game to share with your friends and family. This can be a good excuse to clean up around the house and maybe even bust out a new outfit.

Scavenger Hunt

Grab your sweetheart and hit the town! A scavenger hunt is a great way to explore your city.

You can also head to your local park and make your own to enjoy with your grandchildren!

Field Trips

Call your local senior center and get some info. Whether it’s exploring a new aquarium or an old museum – this could be a great way to make some new friends and have a new experience.

Movie Night

Order in some pizza and grab a bottle of wine. Tis the season to sit by the fire place with a cocktail and catch some new (or old) flicks!

Bingo Night

Dust off your bingo markers, find those loose chips and make plans to join your friends for the next local bingo night in your area. Many fire departments and churches host this event throughout the week.

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