The Best Months To Travel

These are the best years of your life! Make them count and go see the sights!

Posted by The Senior Advocate on Sept. 20, 2019

Let's Travel

Are you thinking about your next vacation? If you aren't, you must! There are so many wonderful reasons to take a vacation in the fall. As a senior living beyond your retirement, you are no longer burdened with a rigid work schedule. Take advantage of your new-found freedom and read about the benefits of taking a late summer getaway!

August: The Globe Is Waiting!

This is a fantastic time to travel. Prices start to drop as most of the tourists head home from the summer vacations. This is the vacation month for most Europeans, so crowds on the streets of Paris and London start to thin out making this a wonderful time to head to Europe.

September: The Water's Fine

Most people have gone home now. The water temperatures have just reached their peak of perfection. The roads aren't crowded, the prices are low. September tropical vacations simply can't be beat!

October: Harvest Celebrations Are Erupting

Welcome to the beginning of harvest season, Octoberfest excitement, and dozens of other reasons to get out of the Lay-Z-Boy. Check your local newspaper for all Fall events in your area or to enjoy a holiday filled with crisp autumn scenery, sounds, and smells abroad.

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