Tips for Going Back to School in Retirement

Thinking about going back to school? Here's some tips you'll need to get started.

Posted by The Senior Advocate on Sept. 17, 2019

Take Some Classes At Your Local College.

Seniors who audit college classes get to attend interesting lectures. Homework and other class projects are often optional. For example, Florida's residents at least a year who are 60+ can attend classes without tuition and audit students at the University. Get the education you've always wanted for cheap or for free. What a great way to meet people!

Take Advantage Of The Amenities!

Taking classes on fascinating subjects is not the only way to enjoy the college lifestyle. Schools tend to accommodate speakers, concerts, sporting and political events. Colleges allow retirees to use libraries, sports facilities and other benefits of campus. You can even go to the campus cafeteria with a classmate to get the full college experience.

Explore Classes Just For Seniors

There are many courses whose sole purpose is to educate seniors on topics that will be applicable to your daily lifestyle. This is also a great way to meet peers your age with similar interests. It’s never too late for a college sweetheart!

Try Some Online Courses.

You can take online courses from home on your computer without ever having to leave your house. You can learn that language you never had time to study, or explore American history to learn more about your culture.

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