Travel Guide

Whether you are retired or still working, hoping to travel with family, a partner, or solo—traveling should be your next move!

Posted by The Senior Advocate on Sept. 5, 2019

Retired people often have the freedom of an open calendar. Purpose of travel during the shoulder season (April to mid-June and September-October) to get the best time, lowest prices and smaller crowds. And keep the light Bring your situation simple luggage. If you have a connecting flight, avoid the hassle of carrying your luggage between flights by checking the box. At the airport, you can request a wheelchair or transport shopping cart for mobility and increased safety. Remember to stay hydrated on long flights and, if possible, take short walks to keep flowing energy.

The money you can save on travel time can help offset the cost of travel insurance, which is absolutely essential for older people on vacation. (Health insurance is not valid outside the United States in almost all circumstances.) Before the start, determine how your medical insurance abroad and complete if it does not. the evacuation insurance is particularly important because it will cover the transport costs you or a loved one to medical care in an emergency. Bring an ample supply of your medications with you, if possible in their original bottles. The information on the bottle labels, it will be easier to renew a prescription away from home. Remember to note the generic names of your medications before your departure.

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